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Designed for the MetaCover Series, Moshi's Wall Mount lets you mount your iPad to any flat surface using an extra-strength, no-residue adhesive backplate. Save countertop space in the kitchen, keep your device away from grease in the garage, or mount your iPad as a second monitor in the fitness room. While other mounts only provide straight-on viewing, Moshi's Wall Mount features an adjustable dual-hinge design that offers a 30-degree viewing angle in all directions. No tools required, mounting and demounting your iPad is fast and secure thanks to a magnet-assisted connection port. Extra adhesive backplate included. Moshi's MetaMount Series Wall Mount is idea for users looking to get more from their iPad by mounting it in new and creative locations.


  • Extra-strength, no-residue adhesive backplate for mounting to flat surfaces.
  • 30-degree viewing angles in both portrait and landscape mode.
  • Proprietary dual-hinge head design for long-term reliability.
  • Magnet-assisted female port for easy mounting and demounting.
  • Extra adhesive pad included.
  • Moshi MetaCover required.


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Note: as with any adhesive sticker, certain measures need to be taken to ensure correct installation.

Before mounting

  • Choose flat, dry, clean surfaces only. Do not mount to rough, porous, powdery, or cracked surfaces. Do not mount to wallpaper, concrete, tiles with raised patterns, cloth, or sandy surfaces. Do not mount to undulating or curved walls.
  • For newly-painted walls, it is recommended to wait 1 month before mounting to prevent paint from peeling.
  • Do not mount to surfaces with temperatures over 104F (40C). To mount in cold temperatures, warm the surface with a hair dryer before applying the sticker.
  • The adhesive sticker does not protect against UV rays. Avoid mounting in locations that receive direct sunlight outdoors or interior car windows/windshields.
For glass or ceramic surfaces such as windows or tiles, please make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying. Peel o the yellow 
sticker then apply firm pressure to the mounting plate for 30 seconds. Do not mount the adhesive backplate to tiles with raised patterns or 
porous/sandy surfaces. Avoid mounting in outdoor locations that receive direct sunlight or interior car windows/windshields.To remove the mounting plate, pull down on the pull tag with two hands (up to 20 cm) to detach. Note that the adhesive sticker is a one-time use only.<br><br><br><br><br>For any other surface such as painted walls or wallpaper, make sure the mounting surface is completely at without curves or 
patterns. All four screws must screw in to the wall through the adhesive pad as illustrated.<br><br><br><br>Align MetaCover's inner case at a 45-degree angle and then turn to secure it in portrait or landscape mode.<br><br><br><br><br><br>

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