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Protect the touchscreen of your Kindle Paperwhite with AirFoil, a two pack of screen protectors. Patented screen protector technology gets rid of most air bubbles and allows for easy installation. Both optical-grade films are surface treated to resist smudges while maintaining maximum contrast for crisp and clear text. AirFoil's polymer adhesive is specially formulated to ensure no edge-lifting occurs, even after extended use.


  • AirFoil technology aids in the dissipation of air bubbles.
  • Surface-treated for advanced scratch and smudge resistance. 
  • Reduce glare without distortion.
  • Unique polymer adhesive prevents edge-lifting common to other protectors.
  • No residue if removed.


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    AirFoil Screen Protector 2-Pack for Kindle Paperwhite

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AirFoil Installation

Use the enclosed microfiber cloth to clean the Paperwhite's surface thoroughly.<br>  Use the included cleaning tape as needed to remove any remaining dust particles on the glass.<br>  Starting from the bottom, peel halfway the back sticker labeled #1.<br> <br>  Align the adhesive side of the film to the bottom half and sides of Paperwhite. Press to apply to the entire surface of the device and then remove the rest of back sticker #1. Push out any remaining air bubbles toward the sides with the microfiber cloth.<br>  Once applied, peel away the front sticker labeled #2.<br> <br> 

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Note: If the screen protector is not perfectly aligned after installation, there is no need to remove the protector completely. Firmly apply pressure to the protector and push it with your fingers to slide it into place until it's perfectly aligned.

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