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Cardette 3 is Moshi's 3rd generation multi-card reader using USB 3.0 (backward-compatible with USB 2.0) and Ultra-High Speed (UHS-I) technologies. Utilizing the most advanced controllers, Cardette 3 supports high performance memory cards such as CF and SDHC/XC. With its integrated USB cable, Cardette 3 connects easily to your Mac or PC. As an added bonus, it also acts as a dual-port USB 3.0 hub.
Cardette 3 currently supports memory card formats such as CompactFlash (CF Type I), all series of Memory Stick (MS, MS Duo, MS PRO Duo), M2, MultiMediaCard (MMC), SecureDigital (SD), micro SD/TF, eXtremeDigital (xD-Picture), SecureDigital High Capacity (SDHC), SecureDigital eXtended Capacity (SDXC), and SDHC/XC UHS-I.
*Adapter required for miniSD.


  • Transfers data at USB 3.0 speeds, backward-compatible with USB 2.0 ports.
  • Supports Ultra-High Speed (UHS-I) memory cards, 3x faster than Class 10.
  • Supports UDMA 7 (Ultra Direct Memory Access) CF cards with speeds up to 100MB/s.
  • Integrated cable and dual-port USB 3.0 hub.


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  • Plug Cardette into any unused USB port (USB 3.0 preferred for faster transfer rate) on your computer.
  • Rule of thumb during card insertion: in almost all cases, insert the card with the labeling sticker facing upright and metal contacts facing down.
  • If you feel resistance inserting card at the slot entrance, most likely you've inserted the wrong card type or the card is in the wrong orientation. Never use excessive force inserting the memory card, as doing so could damage both Cardette and the memory card.
  • After successful memory card installation, your computer should recognize it almost immediately (either as a pop-up drive icon in Mac OSX or as a removable storage drive in Windows).


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