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iGlaze Luxe is a metal bumper case designed to retain the look and feel of a naked iPhone while still offering first-rate protection. Its metal frame has been precision-milled from aircraft-grade aluminum to provide solid protection against everyday bumps and scrapes. A protective interior frame absorbs shocks while an acrylic backplate prevents scratches to your device’s backside. Unlike other metal bumper cases, iGlaze Luxe is meticulously engineered to eliminate impact on antenna performance. iGlaze Luxe is a perfect match for the Apple-loving minimalist, blending quality materials and beautiful design to create the ultimate bumper case.


  • ​​​Precision-milled, aircraft-grade aluminum bumper with metallized buttons.
  • ​​​Durable inner frame helps absorb shocks.
  • Included acrylic backplate prevents scratches to your device.
  • ​​​Engineered to ensure no impact on antenna performance.​
  • Easy installation in seconds, no tools required.
  • ​​​Offers military-grade drop-protection (MIL-STD-810G, SGS-certified).


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    iGlaze Luxe Metal Bumper Case for iPhone 6 Plus

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Installation & Removal

Squeeze the case as shown (press the metal frame and not the soft material) to slide off the bottom metal piece. Slight force may be necessary.Slide off the top metal piece so you're left with the inner frame and backplate.<br><br>Place the inner frame and backplate on a flat surface. Put your phone and bumper in silent mode. Insert your phone as shown.<br><br>Flip the case over to make sure the inner frame completely covers the backplate. Slide on the top metal piece as shown.<br><br>Squeeze the case to slide on the bottom metal piece.<br><br><br>

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