Stylish Galaxy S5 Flip Case 'SenseCover' Lets You Answer Calls While The Case Stays Closed
Jul 8, 2014
SenseCover, Moshi’s best-selling case for iPhone, is now on sale for Samsung Galaxy S5. With SenseCover for GS5, you can answer phone calls without opening the case. A companion app in the Google Play store lets users view notifications, play or pause audio, and take Instagram-ready pictures. All of this while the S5 remains protected inside a stylish flip-cover case.

When Moshi announced SenseCover for iPhone, the buzz was clear: users loved a stylish case with touch functionality. Many smartphone owners prefer the protection of a case with a front cover, but these cases typically require two hands to be opened in order to check notifications or take a phone call. The view window in SenseCover for S5 makes this all accessible at a glance, while helping to protect the S5 from drops or scratches.

SenseCover makes all of this possible through the companion Android app as well as the built-in touch capacity of the S5, which allows for swiping to answer calls. SenseCover has the added benefit of keeping the device safe from damage, even when the phone call functionality is in use. When the touchscreen is in use, the front of the case features a special magnetic clasp which keeps the cover folded back neatly and out of the way.

SenseCover works seamlessly with Moshi's iVisor for extra screen protection, and is available today in black or pink.