Best-Selling Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Now Lets You Broadcast Your Mac to a 4K TV
Apr 15, 2014
Moshi's incredibly popular Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter has been updated to support the new Ultra HD (4K) standard. This adapter will assist in creating a highly advanced home theater by connecting any Mac equipped with Thunderbolt 2 to an Ultra HD television, resulting in unmatched picture clarity and detail. The adapter also supports multi-channel digital audio output, and features Moshi's signature stylish aluminum casing and slim design, providing full access to all Mac ports.

- Ideal for connecting a Mac to a TV or monitor.
- HDMI-compliant to support both Full HD (1080P) and Ultra HD* (4K) displays.
- Supports multi-channel digital audio output on compatible devices.
- Aluminum casing minimizes EM interference.
* For Thunderbolt 2 or DisplayPort 1.2 devices.