VersaKeyboard: World`s First Disappearing iPad Keyboard
Jan 8, 2014

January 8th, 2013 - Today at CES, Moshi is announcing the launch of its first ever iPad keyboard, VersaKeyboard, featuring the same ultra-stylish functionality and design found in Moshi`s best-selling VersaCover iPad and iPad mini case.

VersaKeyboard is the first iPad keyboard case to feature origami-style folding + stand functionality, plus a Bluetooth keyboard that effectively disappears when not in use. This is accomplished through a totally unique, ultra-slim `sliding' keyboard storage feature built into the back of the case.

Most iPad keyboard cases make it difficult to use the iPad as a simple (keyboard-less) tablet, which is the mode in which iPad owners use their tablet the vast majority of the time. And when these cases are closed, they can transfer annoying and unsanitary oils from the keyboard to the iPad screen.

Detachable or wireless iPad keyboards can offer convenience, but require storage when not in use, so easy retrieval and transport can be a challenge.

With VersaKeyboard, Moshi aimed to create an iPad keyboard that lets people effortlessly switch between using iPad as a tablet and using it with a keyboard, without the hassle of a bulky cover, messy finger oils or having to locate keyboard storage.

VersaKeyboard is also incredibly thin and light at .6" thick and 13.4 ounces, and the keyboard itself is nearly full-size at about 80% of standard. It features the same `scissor-key` functionality found in Moshi`s popular Luna backlit keyboard for Mac, a design that offers users a high level of typing comfort and responsiveness.

With the latest in Bluetooth technology, VersaKeyboard can be conveniently used up to 30 feet from an iPad. The keyboard, which charges via micro USB, provides 130 hours of battery life to maximize time between charges.

VersaKeyboard is available in black with a charcoal gray cover.