SenseCover: The First Touch-Sensitive iPhone Flip Case
Jan 28, 2014

Moshi has launched the first iPhone case to let you to answer phone calls without opening the front of the case. SenseCover, tailored specifically for iPhone 5 and 5s, features patent-pending touch-sensitive technology which enables accepting or rejecting of phone calls or turning off alarms, all while the iPhone remains protected inside a stylish flip-cover case.

Many iPhone owners prefer the protection of a case with a front cover, but these cases typically require two hands to be opened in order to check the time or take a phone call. When a call is in progress, the front cover can often be difficult to keep out of the way, and when open, leaves the phone vulnerable to drops or scratches.

Intricately engineered, Moshi's SenseCover features proprietary embedded plates which allow for answering calls and talking on the phone without the hassle of opening a cover. SenseCover has the added benefit of keeping the device safe from damage, even when the phone call functionality is in use. When the touchscreen is in use, the front of the case features a special magnetic clasp which keeps the cover folded back neatly and out of the way.

SenseCover works seamlessly with Moshi's iVisor or iVisor Glass for extra screen protection, and is available in Steel Black or Brushed Titanium color options.


- Complete protection with strong polycarbonate hardshell back and leatherette front cover.

- Check date/time, answer/reject calls and swipe off alarms without opening the cover.

- Magnetic clasp keeps cover closed or folded back while accessing touchscreen.

- All buttons and cameras remain accessible while inside the case.