Officer worker putting laptop into Moshi Vespo convertible bag
Officer worker putting laptop into Moshi Vespo convertible bag

Moshi's top 5 reasons to consider a convertible backpack

By Trent

Many people have the traditional idea of bags being a single-function accessory, with a different bag or carry solution required for each different use case and occasion. This can often result in impracticality and inconvenience when it comes to choosing the right bag for the task at hand. A new breed of convertible bags is seeking to put an end to boring, single-purpose accessories and empowering consumers to adapt their carry throughout their day, week, or year as they need. Here are Moshi's top 5 reasons why you should consider a convertible bag when choosing your next carry solution.

Adaptable functionality

This is the essence of a convertible bag, effortlessly changing form and function to meet your changing needs. Imagine leaving home with a commute-friendly shoulder bag, heading to a midday meeting with a stylish and office-friendly briefcase, and hitting the gym after work with a hand-freeing backpack. A convertible bag allows you to enjoy the benefits of several different carry types when you need them most.

Adjusting the shoulder strap on a Moshi Vespo convertible bag

Convertible bags like Moshi's Vespo feature adjustable strap systems for versatile carrying

Keep everything in one place

How many times have you left the house in the morning with your briefcase and realized half way to the office that your earphones, building access pass, or other essential accessory is still in your gym bag from the night before? By using one bag which can adapt to the settings throughout your day, all your accessories and essentials can stay in one place, so you've always got your daily essentials with them no matter where you're going or what you're doing and eliminating the risk of forgetting to pack something when moving on to the next outing or destination.

Placing a power bank inside a Moshi Muto convertible bag

Keep all your daily essentials in one bag to prevent forgetting something

Financial outlay

It goes without saying that every extra single-purpose bag you need to buy means less funds available for expanding another area of your daily outfit. Investing in a good convertible bag will save money in the long run as you will not need to purchase additional backpacks, briefcases, or sling bags should the need or occasion arise, and reduces the chances of wasting money on a single-purpose bag which you end up rarely using.

Space saving and environmental impact

While some people may enjoy having a closet full of bags and backpacks, there comes a point where excess just becomes inconvenient and wasteful. By choosing a convertible bag, you only need a single shelf, hook, or drawer, and you'll never have to sift through a full closet looking for the right bag ever again. In addition, utilizing just one bag significantly reduces the amount of raw materials being used and the potential amount of waste when you inevitably throw out under-utilized carries during a spring cleanup or relocation.


For some people, the commute can be the toughest part of their day, especially if they need to lug a computer, documents, lunch, and other necessities to and from the office. A convertible bag adapts to your commute to help reduce the stress and shoulder the load. A shoulder bag can help keep valuables close to you in a crowded train car and also provide easy access to your phone, wallet, and transit card. Converting to a backpack when walking takes the strain off a single shoulder and spreads the load for increased comfort, while wearing crossbody is great for when your hands are full with shopping bags or a takeaway dinner on the ride home.

Thinking about making the switch to the versatility of a convertible bag? Moshi's new Vespo 4-in-1 commuter bag could be just the solution. Easily transforming between a briefcase, shoulder bag, crossbody, and backpack and loaded with intelligent features, there's not an occasion Vespo doesn't rise to. Vespo is coming soon to and other premium retailers, but in the meantime, check out Moshi's current range of convertible carry solutions including Muto and Treya Convertible Satchel.

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