Behind view of a businessperson working at a high table at the window of a cafe
Behind view of a businessperson working at a high table at the window of a cafe

Top tips for working or studying smarter on the go

By Trent

As many people find themselves working or studying outside of the office or classroom, the ability to set up and log in from a range of places means that not only carrying your laptop most places you go but also being able to set up on the road have become normal practices. Simply throwing your laptop into a handbag or tucking it under your arm probably won't cut it, especially if you are away from the desk for an extended period of time. Having the right gear and habits for a life of remote work will save you a lot of frustration, discomfort and potential damage. Here are our tips for how to work mobile and work smart at the same time.

Pad up

An unexpected drop, bump, or scratch can have disastrous (and expensive) consequences for modern laptops. Taking a few extra moments before you head out the door to slip your device into a padded sleeve or bag compartment adds an extra layer of protection and can be the difference between a minor scratch and an expensive replacement should your computer unexpectedly meet the ground or the contents of your bag. Doubling down with a water-resistant material like vegan leather or neoprene will also offer some protection against a sudden downpour or a leaking water bottle in your bag during the journey.

Keep it together

How many times have you thrown your computer into you bag or backpack only to arrive at your destination to find you're missing an essential charger, adapter, or cable? At best you may be able to borrow or purchase what you've left behind, and at worst you might not be able to present at an important conference or even power up your computer for the rest of your trip. Having a bag or case which has dedicated space for accessories like your charger not only helps keep everything in one place, but also prevents cables and chargers from becoming entangled with the rest of your gear during the journey.


Stay cool and comfortable

Many people love being able to set up shop in a coffee shop, hotel room, or library when they need to get work done remotely, and favor an ultra-portable laptop or ultrabook for that very reason. However working for extended periods on a flat-top table or your lap can be hard on the eyes and hands, as well as cause excessive heat buildup in your computer. Using a stand to place your computer at a more comfortable angle to help you work for longer. In addition, elevating the laptop off the table or your lap allows more airflow underneath the device to enhance cooling which can in-turn improve performance, especially in warm locations.

Person typing on a laptop, supported by a Moshi Muse slim laptop sleeve in stand mode

While working on a laptop for an extended period of time is never going to be as productive, comfortable, or safe as connecting to a full desktop hub or docking station at the office or at home, taking note of the above tips can go a long way to improving your mobile computing experience. 

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