Man lying on an outdoor bench working on his MacBook
Man lying on an outdoor bench working on his MacBook

The definitive guide to Moshi accessories for MacBook aficionados

By Trent

Work, study, and communication have changed significantly in recent years, with the most radical changes occurring in 2020 when many people suddenly found themselves working from home. Throughout this time, Apple's MacBook range of laptops has been a key driver of technological innovation which has helped changed how we see portable computing. Now more than ever, people are relying on their MacBooks to work, create, and study smarter no matter where they may be. 

MacBook is a truly amazing family of machines that deserves accessories of an equivalent caliber to bring out their best. At Moshi, we've worked hard to create premium accessories that help people protect, connect, and enhance their MacBook devices so they can do more, share more, and experience more in every facet of their life. 

While there is no one mold that defines every MacBook user, MacBooks have garnered considerable favor among certain professions and user groups for their power, flexibility, and aesthetics. We've chosen our top 5 MacBook user types and curated a carefully selected list of Moshi accessories that we know can help MacBook users be more creative, productive, and efficient in both work and play. 

Design Professional

MacBook and the Mac ecosystem in general have long been popular with designers of all kinds, including graphic designers, industrial designers, and videographers just to name a few. This largely dates back to Apple's early focus on design for its own operating system, how early Macs rendered fonts, and the availability of powerful design software on early Mac platforms. Today, this legacy lives on, bolstered further by MacBook's powerful processors, clean aesthetics, and top-notch Retina screens.

For most designers, there's a good chance that MacBook will be their device of choice over any other hardware and operating system combination. Programs like Photoshop, KeyShot, and 3ds Max are at home on MacBook, especially the larger 16" models. We also understand that although the portability of MacBooks makes them convenient for meetings or a night at home, huddling over a laptop screen and trackpad all day at the office or studio is not ideal for creativity. Most design professionals work best with a big, high-resolution external monitor, precision mouse, stylus tablet, card reader, and more, turning their MacBook into a full desktop system. No matter whether in the office, out meeting a client, or at home finishing off a big project, MacBook needs to perform at its best in order to maximize creativity and productivity, and it should look the part as well. To this end, we've assembled a lineup of our favorite essential MacBook accessories for design professionals who value form and function in equal measure. 

iGlaze hardshell case - iGlaze provides all-over protection against scratches and dents while still letting the elegance of the MacBook shine through without inhibiting device operation. Includes sturdy rubber feet and air vent cut outs to promote airflow, keeping MacBook cool when undertaking intensive design tasks.

Symbus Q compact USB-C hub - The only hub needed to convert a MacBook into a full desktop system for maximum creativity. Dock in seconds for charging, HDMI output, wired Ethernet, and USB-A ports, giving MacBook all the connectivity needed for creativity, plus a Qi-certified wireless charging pad on top to keep a phone or earbuds charged up while working.

Urbana Navi travel briefcase - For the commute, client visits, or even travel, Urbana Navi is sophisticated and functional, with sleek, elegant lines and a spacious interior. Moshi's ViscoStrap™ reduces shoulder strain during long days, while inside a padded compartment protects up to a 16" MacBook, with plenty of room left for accessories, briefs, and samples.

Muse 13" 3-in-1 laptop sleeve - An ultra-versatile carry solution with a zipper-free opening, soft microfiber lining, and storage compartment. When it's time to work, a folding 15° stand places MacBook at the optimal angle for typing while also allowing airflow for enhanced cooling during intensive applications.

USB-C to DisplayPort cable - A high performance cable for demanding visual applications. This cable is VESA certified for compatibility, supporting up to 5K ultra high-resolution output, HDR, multi-channel audio, 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, and bidirectional functionality for even the most demanding graphics and video applications.

Digital Creator

The digital creator is often a one-person media team, producing content for the web, social media, and maybe even a client or two. An explosion of online platforms for budding creators has led to a large number of influencers sharing their experiences, passions, and ideas with the world. To do this, they need a mini production studio at home where they can immerse themselves in planning, editing, and shooting their content. MacBook is usually at the heart of their setup running complex graphical and editing software like Final Cut, Premiere, Photoshop, or Lightroom.

But key to their success is the ability to pack everything up and take it with them on location, whether that be around town, cross-country, or even far-flung corners of the world. Productivity is key whenever they're on the road since they may find themselves working out of coffee shops, hotel rooms, or even bus or airplane seats. Compact, versatile accessories and components are top priority, helping them to lighten the load when out, and also increasing their ability to work in small and often impractical spaces. Moshi has a number of tiny-yet-mighty MacBook accessories to help creators produce captivating content wherever they happen to be.

IonSlim 10k portable battery - With both USB-A and USB-C outputs, IonSlim 10k can top up all kinds of devices including GoPros, microphones, and even a DSLR if caught short of power on location. The little-known trick up IonSlim 10k's sleeve is its ability to provide a vital boost for a MacBook during a long day or while in transit thanks to its 30 W USB-C output.

USB-C Multimedia Adapter - MacBook's move to USB-C-only has made it thinner and more portable, but most cameras, memory cards, and monitors still need legacy ports. Get HDMI, SD Card, and USB-A from a single USB-C port, all in a durable yet compact package which fits easily into a bag or pocket.

USB-C Monitor Cable - The USB-C cable to rule them all, Moshi's USB-C Monitor Cable can charge even a MacBook Pro 16" at full speed, transfer files at up to 10 Gbps, and also connect to an ultra high-resolution USB-C monitor.

iGlaze hardshell case - Keep that beautiful brushed aluminum finish safe from the rough and tumble of active content creation with all-over protection from iGlaze. Prevents dents and scratches, especially when thrown in a bag or balancing precariously on a knee or other uneven surface during production.

Umbra screen protector - A narrow 50° viewing angle and integrated blue light filter prevents people nearby from viewing screen contents, keeping the next video premiere or post away from prying eyes when working in public areas. Washable and reusable with a 100% bubble-proof installation in seconds.

Honorable mentions:

3-in-1 USB cable - Why carry 3 cables when one can do the job? Great for charging all manner of gadgets and accessories needed for a successful production, with USB-C, micro USB, and Lightning connectors.

Avanti LT on-ear headphones - While made for Lightning (iPhone, iPad), there's also an included 3.5 mm cable, adding versatility for editing on MacBook, music on the road, or even checking camera audio levels mid-shoot.

WFH Maven

While many people were counting the days until they could get back to working in the office full time, some super-productive work-from-home (WFH) enthusiasts embraced remote working and see no upside to returning to commutes, in-person meetings, and hot-desking. With a home setup in a spare room or dedicated office that's comfortable and efficient, these masters of remote work zen can be just as productive (if not more) without ever leaving the house. Most of what these mavens do is cloud-based or dial-in to a company server, with daily video calls and online meetings as the key form of communication. For them, focus is key and inferior or poorly designed equipment can become a frustrating distraction and potentially even affect their justification for working remotely in the first place. 

Similar to the design philosophy of MacBook itself, clutter and bulk are out so we've focused on perfecting the few tools necessary to create a productivity sanctuary. 

Symbus Q compact USB-C hub - Being at a desk full time means there's no need to compromise with laptop connectivity. Instantly turning MacBook into a full desktop system, Symbus Q brings 4K HDR video over HDMI, two USB-A ports for a keyboard and mouse, plus wired Gigabit Ethernet for unrivalled reliability while the kids are streaming Netflix over Wi-Fi in another room.

Avanti LT on-ear headphones - Moshi's premium over-ear headphones feature an ergonomic designed for long-wearing comfort and 40 mm neodymium drivers create an immersive soundstage. A built-in microphone provides crystal clear sound, with both Lightning and 3.5 mm headphone cables included for versatile use with MacBook, iPad, and iPhone.

Spatia speaker - Nothing says 'sanctuary' like soothing sounds or favorite tunes emanating through a workspace. Spatia is the ultimate in aural indulgence, with a visual presence to match even the most modern of home offices. Stream directly from MacBook via AirPlay, or connect to an Echo Dot to command sonic relief using Alexa.

iVisor AG screen protector - Moshi's patented multi-layer construction prevents reflections and glare from overhead down lights or the afternoon sun coming in a nearby window. Fully washable and reusable with a fast, bubble-free application for long-lasting protection.

HDMI Cable - Every home office (and every home, to be honest) needs a good HDMI cable. Moshi's High Speed HDMI cable is capable of resolutions up to 4K and a 2 m (6.6 ft.) reach is perfect not just for office monitors, but also connecting MacBook to a TV or projector.

Honorable mentions:

ClearGuard keyboard protector - Defend MacBook's keyboard against unexpected skills throughout the day, whether that be a stray coffee cup or an unexpected visit from a junior member of the family. Only 0.1 mm thin to deliver maximum tactile feedback and allow backlighting to pass through. Fully washable and reusable.

Muse 13" 3-in 1 laptop sleeve - For the odd occasions when it's necessary to head out to a meeting, take just the essentials with Muse. Zipper-free with a premium vegan leather outer and convertible 15° stand for optimal comfort while working. Also includes a compartment for cables and accessories.


MacBook has long been a favorite among both faculty and students, perhaps in part a result of Apple's attractive promotions and discounts for education users offered during the back-to-school period each year. Apple's inclusion of the iWork productivity suite for free in MacOS also means faculty and students have everything they need for academic success right out of the box when they purchase MacBook. From using Keynote to present lectures, Pages to write journal papers, and FaceTime for collaboration, teachers and students alike love the complete solution MacBook offers. 

At school, portability reigns supreme due to the constant need to haul MacBook to and from campus (and often on foot or public transit) along with all the books, notes, and other accessories needed to get through a full day of teaching or attending classes. There's also the added bonus of being able to stay entertained with streaming or keep in touch with loved ones when away from home during the semester or traveling to an overseas conference. Our list of top products for school will help make an "educated" decision when preparing for the coming academic year. 

USB-C Multimedia Adapter - Quick and easy connectivity expansion for MacBook, turning a single USB-C port into HDMI, USB-A, and SD card. Perfect for presenting in lectures, connecting to an external monitor in the office, and downloading data from specialized research equipment.

USB-C to VGA Adapter - As much as technology in education has advanced, there are still some institutions which use older VGA projectors in lecture halls and classrooms. While we can't expect MacBook to hold on to legacy ports like VGA 'just in case', slipping this compact adapter into a laptop bag prevents awkward situations in places where equipment may not be up to date.

Pluma laptop sleeve - A no-nonsense solution for faculty and students alike, Pluma encases MacBook in soft, three-layer padding, with a surface-treated polyester outer providing defense against unexpected weather during dashes across campus. Inside, a handy pen loop keeps a stylus or even a traditional pen on hand for note-taking.

ProGeo 65 W charger - Books, reports, and a MacBook are enough to carry back and forth from campus on a daily basis, so keeping an additional MacBook charger in the office or classroom means one less accessory to lug around (and potentially leave behind at the end of a lecture).

Muto 3-way convertible backpack - Because no two days on campus are the same, Muto carries everything necessary for a full day, easily transforming from backpack to crossbody bag to briefcase to fit the occasion. Features a padded laptop compartment for up to a 13" MacBook and plenty of internal storage, plus an external stash pocket for a water bottle or umbrella to keep dry or hydrated throughout the day.

Honorable Mentions

Muse 13" 3-in-1 laptop sleeve - Great for taking all the essentials to class, with a protective Terahedron™ microfiber liner and storage compartment for cables and adapters. Converts effortlessly into a 15° for improved comfort and airflow while working in the campus library or café

Integra™ USB-C to Lightning Cable - Because no one wants to carry their factory iPhone cable with them everywhere. Stash Integra™ in a bag or briefcase for convenient, reliable charging and syncing throughout the day.

Digital Nomad

Similar to the WFH Maven mentioned above, the Digital Nomad has successfully cut all ties with brick-and-mortar offices but takes it a significant step further by not even needing a permanent working location. Equipped with MacBook and limited only by access to an internet connection, the world is their oyster and time zones their number one adversary as they move between bustling international cities, beachside villages, and out-of-the-way countryside towns in search of the ultimate blend of work and leisure. The ability to set up and work efficiently from anywhere is key, as is being able to fit all their productivity gear into a bag or suitcase when moving on to the next destination. When it comes to MacBook accessories, everything needs to have a distinct purpose while being rugged and space-saving for travel. 

Symbus Mini portable USB-C hub - The world's most powerful portable USB-C hub connects MacBook to anything and everything, with 4K HDR HDMI 2.0 output, SD and microSD card slots, two USB-A ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and 70 W USB-C pass-through. An ingenious magnetic cable management system intelligently conceals the cable away to prevent damage and tangles during transit.

iGlaze hardshell case - Airports, bus rides, and tuk-tuks can be rough on a MacBook, but iGlaze is here to reduce the impact of shocks and scratches, keeping it looking pristine for longer. iGlaze snaps on without affecting MacBook's operation, with precision-cut port openings providing easy access for connectivity.

Captus backpack - On the road, capacity is key. Captus features a 15" padded laptop compartment plus plenty of additional room for accessories and a change of clothes incase the weather changes en-route. Full-length side zippers provide quick access to contents without needing to unpack, and there's even a separate base compartment to stash a pair of sandals or flip flops for when the beach or pool are calling.

3-in-1 USB cable - Why carry three separate cables when this one does it all? Converts instantly between USB-C, micro USB, and Lightning to charge or sync any gadget likely to be needed on the road. MFi-certified for guaranteed Apple compatibility and includes Moshi's proprietary HandyStrap cable management system to prevent a bag full of tangles.

Mythro Air wireless earphones - These jack-of-all-trades buds match the versatility of the Digital Nomad lifestyle. Bluetooth connects to MacBook, iPad, or iPhone without taking up a valuable port, with a full charge good for 8 hours of play time—perfect for taking calls or drowning out the background buzz of a busy café or long flight to focus on the job at hand.

Honorable mentions

World Travel Adapter - Never get caught short of power because of a country's power outlets. Supports sockets from over 150 countries and also includes a USB-C port and four USB-A ports to charge up to six devices simultaneously.

OmniGuard™ Mask with replaceable filters - Getting to the next destination may involve transit through some of the world's most congested cities, which can be susceptible to pollution, smog, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. OmniGuard™ blocks particles down to 0.075 PM (75 nanometers) with filters rated higher than those of an N95 mask.

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