A Moshi Dual-sided badge holder on a desk with the lanyard and Moshi logo visible
A Moshi Dual-sided badge holder on a desk with the lanyard and Moshi logo visible

The best cards to keep in your Moshi Dual-sided Badge Holder

By Trent

While most office workers are probably used to the idea of needing to carry their workplace ID on them at all times throughout the workday, there are also many others who may need to do the same, including factory workers, transportation workers, and medical staff just to name a few. Here at Moshi HQ, not only do we need to have our ID on us at all times, but the same card also includes our access pass for the building entrance and elevators, so we're always carrying it with us and pulling it out to scan as we move about.

Double up with Moshi

While using a standard ID badge holder may allow you to keep your ID handy in a pocket or around your neck, we've gone over and above with our new Dual-sided Badge Holder, allowing you to not only carry an additional card, but also shielding them from one another so that they can both be scanned independently without removing. With this, we've opened up a range of dual-carry possibilities to help you more conveniently breeze through your workday, but the big question is....what's your other card? We've asked around the office at Moshi HQ to find out what our own employees are keeping in their badge holders, helping give you some inspiration for the perfect workday carry.

Access card

A man wearing a Moshi Dual-sided Badge Holder around the neck with office ID card visible

If you're not lucky enough to have your work ID and building pass integrated into the one badge, you're probably sick of having to carry two cards with you everywhere, especially if both cards have scannable chips inside which may interfere with one another when placed in the same holder. Keep your ID on full display in the front window of the Badge Holder and subtly slip your access card into the back slot. This could also be a viable if you need an access card for a warehouse, equipment room, or other area of the company which is separate from general building access.

Transit card

If you take public transport to work, you're probably going to be using an electronic payment card to pass through the gates at the metro station or when getting on or off a bus. Instead of having to fumble through your bag or wallet looking for the card while impatient commuters line up behind you, simply slide your transit card in to the back of your Dual-sided Badge Holder and hang it around your neck for the commute. Not only will this help you breeze through the barriers, but you won't have to repeat the same routine to find your ID when you arrive at the office.

Credit card

Inserting a credit card into the rear card slot of a Moshi Dual-sided Badge Holder

With contactless credit card payments becoming standard in many major cities around the world, there's no longer a need to carry a wallet full of cash with you when you head out. Clear your pockets of bulk by adding your credit card to the Dual-sided Badge Holder and make it even easier to pay for anything you may need throughout the day, from a morning coffee to get you going, through to a quick take-away lunch, an afternoon snack, or even a relaxing drink after a long day. Your card will be concealed in the rear slot of the Badge Holder, locked in place by the clasp loop, keeping it safe from potential thieves and accidental loss.

Gym membership

Love trying to squeeze a workout in during your lunch break? Keeping your gym membership card alongside your work ID is a no-brainer. There's no need to risk storing your entire wallet in the dubious public lockers found at many gyms; just carry your membership card in the back of your Dual-sided Badge Holder to hit the gym with a minimum of fuss. As an added bonus, the NanoShield™ anti-microbial treatment will help fend off any sweaty germs or other bacteria you may encounter during your workout.

We're sure there are many more creative card combinations which can be kept in the Dual-sided Badge Holder, but these are just a few of our favorites. The Badge Holder is not just limited to work either; it can also come in handy for school, travel, events, and more. Want to learn more about this and other great new carry accessories from Moshi? Visit moshi.com to explore our range.

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