Opening the door of a hotel room
Opening the door of a hotel room

Stay safe on staycation with UV

By Trent

As many of us find ourselves unable to leave our cities or countries due to the current global situation, we're finding new and creative ways to take a break, such as a 'staycation' to unwind and indulge just like you would on a real vacation. But even when staying local, you should take the same health and hygiene precautions you would on an international trip. We've rounded up our top 5 ways you can use a portable UV sanitizer (like Moshi's Deep Purple™ foldable UV sanitizer) to ensure a hygienic getaway.

The Key to Cleanliness

Before you even leave the check-in desk, run your room keys through a sanitization cycle to neutralize any bacteria which may be present on them from the last guest (or the last 10). These cards may also find their way into your wallet, bag, and pockets where they could potentially pass germs over to your personal belongings, so making sure they are clean will minimize the chance of bringing home any unwanted bacterial souvenirs.

Breathe Easy

You'll probably be required to wear a mask when in public areas of the hotel (if you are, we'd highly recommend wearing a reusable one such as Moshi's OmniGuard). Masks should be sanitized regularly to prevent a build-up of bacteria and germs—some of which can cause unpleasant odors in the mask if left unchecked. Disposable masks cannot be sanitized with alcohol spray or by washing, so UV light is the ideal solution to extend their usable life and reduce waste.

A disposable surgical mask inside a Moshi Deep Purple UV sanitizerMoshi's Deep Purple UV Sanitizer can clean disposable masks to extend their useful life

Take Control

The first thing you should sanitize after entering your hotel room is the TV remote control. Having being touched by hundreds—possibly thousands—of guests before you, there's a good chance that there's a buildup of potentially harmful bacteria which you don't want to be touching. A quick cycle in the sanitizer will leave it clean and safe for your viewing pleasure. Air conditioning and media player remotes should also receive a clean if your room happens to have them.

Eat Clean

Whether ordering room service or heading to one of the hotel's restaurants for a meal, you can never be certain that the cutlery provided has been washed correctly and has not been contaminated on its journey from the kitchen to the table. Knives, forks, and chopsticks can all be easily placed in a UV sanitizer for a pre-meal clean to ensure that your dinner doesn't spoil your getaway.

Capture the Moment, Not Germs

As much as we all like to switch off on vacation, it's likely you'll still have your phone with you, even if just to send envy-inducing photos to friends and family. Your phone will probably come into contact with many contaminated surfaces during your stay, making it a potential bacteria magnet. A once or twice-daily sanitization during your staycation is a good habit to make sure the only thing you take home is unforgettable memories.

"Your phone will probably come into contact with many contaminated surfaces during your stay, making it a potential bacteria magnet."

Foldable and fully portable, Moshi's Deep Purple UV Sanitizer is the perfect accessory to help make your staycation safe and memorable. Capable of cleaning 360° in just four minutes, it can be easily stashed in your bag or case and powered by a wall adapter, car charger, or portable battery for anywhere, anytime cleaning.

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