A Surface Go with type cover removed standing up on a marble benchtop. The lock screen is visible
A Surface Go with type cover removed standing up on a marble benchtop. The lock screen is visible

Moshi's top 5 DFS-certified accessories

By Trent

As a proud Designed for Surface (DfS) program participant, we've written previously about the benefits that approved DfS devices can bring to Surface users. The primary aim of Microsoft's DfS program has been to help third party accessory makers to create accessories which enhance the Surface experience. Moshi offers a wide range of approved accessories which have been thoroughly tested to guarantee compatibility and functionality when used with Surface devices. 

We've picked our top 5 favorite Designed for Surface accessories which we think help get the very best out of the Surface range. 

USB-C Multimedia Adapter

A Microsoft Surface Pro connected to a Moshi USB-C Multimedia Adapter, an SD card is inserted in the adapter

Because you never know what you might need to connect to on the road, the USB-C Multimedia Adapter is the perfect portable connectivity companion. Offering 3-in-1 connectivity from a single Surface USB-C port, the USB-C Multimedia Adapter allows you to connect an external 4K display, two USB-A accessories, and an SD card no matter where you may be working. Download the contents of an SD card to a portable hard drive during a shoot, present from a flash drive at a conference, or add a monitor and keyboard when working from home. The durable aircraft-grade aluminum housing not only matches the sleek and minimalist style of Surface devices, but also holds up to life on the road.

USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

A Surface Go connected to an external monitor using a Moshi USB-C to DisplayPort cable

One of the first things most people discovered when they began working from home is that spending a full workday hunched over a laptop screen is not great for comfort or productivity. With most computer monitors supporting the DisplayPort connector but newer Surface devices favoring USB-C for video output, the USB-C to DisplayPort cable is here to bridge the gap. 100% plug and play with no drivers required, simply connect this cable to your Surface's USB-C port and the other end to your monitor. The cable supports graphics output up to 5K with High Dynamic Range (HD) for crystal-clear images and video and reduced eye discomfort when viewing over long periods. 

Symbus Q

A Surface Go device connected to an external monitor via a Moshi Symbus Q hub

This is the accessory which we think truly allows a Surface device to shine as a productivity machine. Although one of the key advantages of a Surface is its portability, the lack of ports on many Surface devices can make it difficult to achieve maximum productivity in the office or when working from home. The Symbus Q compact USB-C hub with wireless charging converts Surface into a full desktop system using just a single USB-C port. Add an external 4K monitor, USB-A accessories like a keyboard or mouse, and high-speed wired Ethernet so you can get more done in comfort. On top, a Qi-certified wireless charging pad can top up your phone or wireless earbuds while you work. Symbus Q also provides up to 60 W of charging power to your Surface via USB-C so that you're ready to hit the road Surface-in-hand at a moments' notice. 

USB-C to HDMI Adapter

A Surface Go device with a Moshi USB-C to HDMI Adapter connected to the USB-C port

One of the ways in which Microsoft were able to slim down Surface devices into such highly portable packages was the omission of traditional legacy ports for things like video output. With HDMI being almost ubiquitous as the presentation connector of choice in offices, conference centers, and hotels, having a device like Moshi's USB-C to HDMI Adapter in your bag means you're always ready to present and share using your Surface no matter where you are. You can also extend your Surface to a 4K monitor at your desk to get the bigger picture or to the TV at home to share your favorite streaming service with the family.


A Moshi QuikDuo car charger charging a Surface Duo in a car center console

For road warriors who are in a constant battle to keep their Surface topped up between meetings, sales visits, or training sessions, the QuikDuo car charger has your back. Capable of outputting up to 18 W of charging power over USB-C using the Power Delivery specification, QuikDuo gives you that extra top-up on the move to get you through the day. The compact design results in minimal intrusion from your car's 12 V socket and a brushed aluminum faceplate blends conservatively into the vehicle interior. There's even an additional USB-A port to charge earphones or a portable battery at the same time.

Although these are our favorite Designed for Surface accessories, we've got plenty more products to help you get the most out of your Surface device. Check out the full range using our Shop by Device function on moshi.com. 

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