A laptop being removed from a Moshi Muse protective laptop sleeve
A laptop being removed from a Moshi Muse protective laptop sleeve

How a laptop sleeve can protect your device from potential disasters

By Trent

Today's slim laptops and ultrabooks are highly portable, meaning many people carry their device with them no matter where they go. But if you're taking your laptop to more places more often, there's a greater likelihood of an expensive accident happening. We've rounded up some of the most common horror stories we hear from our customers, colleagues, and friends, most of which could be prevented by a some kind of laptop protection like a sleeve or bag.

Dropped cold

Modern laptops like the MacBook and Surface Laptop have sleek, smooth finishes and lovely rounded edges which make them a delight to look at and hold. Smooth metal and plastic feels great in the hand and gives off an air of elegance and professionalism while you work, but such surfaces can be a recipe for disaster if you're dashing to a meeting or across campus to class with laptop in hand or tucked under your arm. One slip or sudden jolt could result in your device plummeting helplessly towards the floor or pavement where dents, cracks, or outright destruction are the likely result. Not only does a laptop sleeve offer some friction for a better grip, but should your device get away from you, it will also provide some extra padding to help cushion the impact.

The daily grind (and bump, and scratch)

An outright drop is not the only way in which serious physical damage can occur to your laptop. The daily grind can take a surprising toll on your device as it comes up against all manner of other objects. While you may not think much of throwing your laptop into a bag or backpack for the commute, think about all the other things in there which could rub and scratch metal or plastic surfaces, causing unsightly damage. Keys, coins, headphones, pens, and many other everyday objects can easily cause unsightly scars or chips on the exterior of a new laptop; or even worse should they manage to find their way in between the screen and keyboard. A laptop sleeve provides an extra layer of protection around the entire device, often with a soft microfiber lining to further cradle and protect it from scratches or bumps. Beware however of sleeves which have heavy metal zippers, the teeth of which can cause unsightly scratches every time you take your device in or out.

Caught in the rain

We've all been there before; on the way to class or a meeting with laptop in hand just as a sudden downpour begins, with no shelter in sight. Even tucking your device under a jacket, sweater, or book may not be enough to keep it totally dry. As little as just a few drops of rain seeping through the ports, ventilation, or keyboard can do expensive damage to a laptop's internal components, with water ingress not usually covered under most manufacturers' warranties. The same goes for damage caused by a rogue water bottle leaking in a bag or a splash from a passing vehicle. A sleeve made from a weather-resistant material will provide a decent amount of protection from splashing water while also helping you keep a firm grip on your device when your hands are wet.

Dust and dirt

Even if you are relatively careful when handling your laptop (or you don't mind a bump or scratch here and there), accumulation of dust and dirt in ports, vents, and connectors not only looks gross, but can also cause accessories to not connect properly, or even get into internal components and cause serious damage. By keeping your laptop in a sleeve or case when not in use, you're preventing it picking up lint, dirt, and other objects from the bottom of your bag or backpack.

If you've just invested in a new laptop (or are looking to buy one soon), we highly recommend that you include enough in your budget for some kind of protective sleeve or pouch. Not only will keeping your laptop wrapped up in transit help it stay in pristine condition for longer, but it can also prevent expensive, long-lasting damage. Moshi's new Muse 13" 3-in-1 laptop sleeve with built in convertible stand is coming soon, so keep an eye on moshi.com for more details. In the meantime check out our range of protective sleeves for laptops and tablets.

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