A man wearing a reusable face mask
A man wearing a reusable face mask

5 ways a reusable mask will make your life easier

By Trent

Many people have become accustomed to wearing a disposable surgical mask as a form of protection during the current pandemic. Most reach for a disposable surgical mask as their go-to face covering mainly due to ease of access and (more likely) familiarity, but these might not always be the optimal solution. Here are our top 5 reasons why we think a reusable mask is your best choice for a reliable and comfortable face covering.

One size doesn't fit all

Surgical masks are typically one-size-fits-all. Unless you happen to have the perfect 'average face', you're likely to find that your mask won't fit your exact facial structure and may even interfere with your visibility or speech. Reusable masks (like Moshi's OmniGuard™) come in several sizes so you can choose the one which best suits your face size.

 "you're likely to find that your mask won't fit your exact facial structure and may even interfere with your visibility or speech."

Customize for comfort

Aside from various sizes, most reusable masks also have more adjustability for you to help you get the most comfortable fit. Moshi's OmniGuard™ mask features adjustable ear loops and a moldable nose bridge to help you find the optimal fit for long-wearing comfort. Getting a good fit can also prevent your breath from escaping through the top and sides of the mask and fogging up your glasses.

The seal of approval

The single size and basic construction of single-use masks also makes it difficult to get a good seal around your face. A good-quality reusable mask will have a contoured shape and elasticized outer seams which adapt to the shape of your face to form a good seal and prevent unfiltered air from entering or leaving the mask through any of the edges.

A woman wearing a surgical mask which does not seal around the edgesA surgical mask may not seal well around the edges, allowing unfiltered air to enter

Stay fresh

Surgical masks are made from a synthetic plastic polymer which inherently has a chemical odor that some people find unpleasant. Add to this the bad smell caused by a buildup breath and contaminants inside the mask fabric and the result can be a particularly undesirable stench. The fabric found in reusable masks is often specially manufactured or treated to remove odors, while Moshi's OmniGuard™ mask goes one step further with its bamboo charcoal lining which has odor-fighting properties.

Wash and wear

The single-use material used to make surgical masks is unable to be washed and becomes ineffective when damp or wet, with rain or even the dampness of your breath affecting functionality. Many reusable masks can be washed in a similar manner to clothing in order to remove dirt and odors. In addition, Moshi's OmniGuard™ features a water-resistant treatment to help the material stay dry when subjected to rain or water splashes.

Warm for winter

The thicker fabric in reusable masks can also do a good job of blocking cold winds and retaining the heat from your breath, keeping your face—and in particular your nose—warm in the cold winter months.

Choosing a reusable mask can not only enhance your level of protection, but also provide greater comfort, which can be especially important when wearing for extended periods. Even though mask wearing can at times be frustrating, a quality reusable mask is sure to give you a more satisfying overall experience while also reducing your environmental impact compared to disposable surgical masks. Moshi's OmniGuard™ Mask is fully washable and resuable, with replaceable Nanohedron filters which block up to 99.9% of particles. 


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