Scanning a card in the SnapTo Slim Wallet over a payment terminal in a store
Scanning a card in the SnapTo Slim Wallet over a payment terminal in a store

5 cards perfect for the SnapTo™ Slim Wallet

By Trent

We designed the SnapTo Slim Wallet with convenience in mind. It carries your most important card and—unlike other magnetic wallet solutions—supports tap-and-go pass-through, so you don't even need to remove it when scanning or tapping. We asked the staff at Moshi HQ which card they keep in their SnapTo Slim Wallet; here are the top 5 picks.

A hand holding a smartphone with the SnapTo Slim Wallet attached

Travel/transit pass

If you live in a city where you have to tap on and/or off when taking a subway, tram, or bus, keeping your transit card attached to your phone helps you breeze through your commute. Avoid holding up other passengers—or worse still—missing your ride because you left your card in yesterday's jeans or jacket.

Debit/credit card

With contactless payments replacing cash in many cities, you probably find yourself constantly reaching for your card for everything from your morning coffee to after-work drinks. By taking your phone and payment in one hand, you can leave your wallet at home when heading out to run errands, or on your desk at work when you step out for lunch. There's also built-in magnetic shielding to prevent the SnapTo™ magnetic array from damaging your card's magnetic strip.

Gym membership

No one wants to be weighed down by wallets or bags when hitting the gym, not to mention the risk of storing them in a public locker while working out. Stash your gym membership card in your SnapTo™ Slim Wallet and simply carry your phone in your pocket for a hassle-free workout.


Your ID is your most important accessory for a great night out, but wallets and bags can easily be misplaced, pickpocketed, or even stolen in bars and nightclubs. Your ID card or license fits perfectly into the SnapTo™ Slim Wallet for a worry-free night on the town.

A person holding a smartphone with SnapTo Slim Wallet attached and a card inside, scanning the card at an access gate

Access card

If your apartment or office building needs an access card, you probably know the feeling of being locked out with just your phone because you forgot to bring your wallet with you when you stepped out. Turn your phone into a building key by sliding your building pass into the SnapTo™ Slim Wallet for access all areas with just your phone.

The SnapTo™ Slim Wallet is crafted from premium vegan leather, available in three colors (Jet Black, Lunar Pink, and Caramel Brown), and features Moshi's proprietary Nanoshield anti-microbial coating to kill germs upon contact. Check out our range of SnapTo™ cases for iPhone at

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