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Moshi's Codex is a lightweight, designer carrying case tailored exclusively for your MacBook 12. Its soft, vegan leather exterior is surface-treated with a weather-resistant coating and the inner shell is lined with Viscotex™ memory foam to cushion your device from shocks and bumps. Codex features a sleek wrap-around zipper for quick packing and unpacking. Its clamshell design allows you to use your laptop and access all ports without removing it from the case. By combining style and functionality, Codex 12 delivers the best in sophisticated MacBook protection.


  • Soft vegan leather exterior with weather-resistant coating.
  • Viscotex™ memory foam cushions your MacBook from shock and bumps.
  • Sleek wrap-around zipper for quick packing and unpacking.
  • Clamshell design lets you use your device without removing it from the case.
  • Soft microfiber inner lining protects you MacBook from scratching.


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Cleaning Instructions:

Moshi's Codex collection is carefully crafted with a combination of high-resilience polymeric hybrid material that resembles a brushed metal surface and a cushioned inner lining to prevent scratches. The outer surface of Codex has been treated to be splash-repellent and can be cleaned with commercial leather cleaners. The inner lining of Codex is constructed with a Terahedron™ microfiber which can be treated with a damp cloth in conjunction with suede cleaner. Never use bleach or any harsh solvents on Codex. Let Codex dry naturally after cleaning. Do not machine wash or dry clean Codex.

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