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Embrace your iPhone in premium luxury with Moshi's iGlaze Kameleon hardshell case. Constructed using a highly-resilient polycarbonate frame and vegan leather backplate, iGlaze Kameleon protects the iPhone from scratches and shocks while giving it a smart and sophisticated look. The case includes a built-in aluminum kickstand which allows you to view your iPhone in both portrait and landscape modes. As with all iGlaze cases, Kameleon provides unobstructed access to all iPhone buttons, cameras and ports.


  • Elegant protection with an integrated aluminum kickstand.
  • Offers convenient viewing in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • All iPhone buttons, cameras, and ports remain easily accessible.


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    Kameleon Stand Case for iPhone 5/5s

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iGlaze Installation

Tilt your iPhone at an angle while aligning the left side of the iPhone with the opening for the iPhone buttons. Slowly lower the right side of the iPhone and apply pressure until the entire iPhone clicks into place.

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iGlaze Removal

Hold the iPhone with iGlaze firmly in your right hand with right thumb pressed against the right side of iGlaze. Use your left hand to gently pull the iPhone out of the casing by lifting the right side of the iPhone.

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Backside Buffer film Installation

The backside buffer film is located between two stickers (marked #1 and #2). Please follow the instructions below to apply the film to your iPhone's backside.

  • Use the provided microfiber cloth to wipe away any dust particles on the backside of the iPhone.
  • Peel off backing #1 (as marked) facing down to avoid any dust particles adhering to the film's surface.
  • Apply the buffer film by aligning against all four sides of the iPhone.
  • Use the microfiber cloth to smooth out the buffer film during the installation.
  • Peel off backing #2 (as marked) and use the microfiber cloth to squeeze out any air bubbles toward the sides.

*Note: dust particles that accidentally fall on the buffer film during installation will cause bubbles and can be easily removed with scotch tape.